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BidCall Direct is now cloud-based!

From any computer, you can preview a vehicle, determine parts that are good, and put those parts into our system.  We combine that information with your pricing preferences and specific demand. BidCall Direct generates a bid on the vehicle for you to take to the salvage auction of your choice.

Check out our Demonstration Videos, below. See what BidCall Direct can do for you!

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Ready to Sign Up? 

Sign up with our program! We need to know some general contact information for your company as well as information on your Yard Management System (YMS). Here is a quick form for you to fill out and we will get back with you promptly to help you through the process.

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Once you have access to our software, you can use it to preview vehicles, evaluate their condition, and generate bids tailored to your yard's needs. You can also generate a number of in-depth reports. These can detail the most profitable vehicles for your yard, break down what vehicles aren't working for you, which parts are going to be the most profitable for the cars you bought that day, and more.

Want to find out more talk to our resident Junk Yard Dog, Racer.

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