BidCall Direct 2020 Ad Final

BidCall Direct 2020 is our fully web-based version of our original bidding software, BidCall Central, that has been in use for years. You can preview a vehicle, determine parts that are good, and put those parts into our system. Then, combined with your choices and your specific demand, BidCall Direct 2020 will generate a bid on that vehicle for you to take to Copart or IAA. Also, once you have purchased vehicles, it can generate reports to help you manage your purchasing, from accuracy of part selection to cost of goods and more! Currently, our system only works with the Pinnacle yard management system, though we do have plans to integrate more in the future!

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Sign up with our program! We need to know some general contact information for your company as well as information on your yard management software. We'll also need remote access to a computer on your premises to install our partner software on your computer. This software sends your demand data to the BidCall database daily so that BidCall's bidding calculations are up to date with the latest data.

Use Our Software

Once you have access to our software, you can use it to preview vehicles, evaluate their condition, and generate bids tailored to your yard's needs. You can also generate a number of in-depth reports. These can detail the most profitable vehicles for your yard, break down what vehicles aren't working for you, which parts are going to be the most profitable for the cars you bought that day, and more.


We bill annually for access to our software based on the number of users you would prefer. The base fee is $2400 per year which grants one user access to the software and training on how to use it. Users after the first cost an additional $1000 per user per year.

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