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Automated Live Bidding

Are you done using the same tired (and time-consuming!) tools for purchasing vehicles at auction? If you're seeking a revolutionary way to automatically submit live bids on vehicles at auction, we've got what you're looking for.

BidCall Direct featuring is an automated live-bidding tool which allows our customers to submit their bidsheets through our partner site and allow our software to bid for them. We currently accept through an automated portal BidCall and BidBuddy bidsheets. If you use a different bidding tool or none at all, you can still use this service! You'll just input your bids into an approved bidsheet template before uploading. We currently can live bid at IAA and Copart auctions. We have plans to integrate other auction houses as well, so if there's one you'd like to see us work with, send us an email!

Let our system do the work for you.

Your bids will be automatically live bid during the sale - as if you were sitting at the computer pressing the button yourself, but without wasting hours of your life and work day! Except, it's actually a little bit faster than that, because there's no risk of human error - no more anxiously double-checking the stock number to make sure you're bidding on the right car or accidentally going overbid because the bid increment just jumped unexpectedly.


Simple sign up process. Contact us to start your journey in the auto-bidding world. We are here to help!


It's as easy as uploading a spreadsheet from your laptop and watching the bids go!


Secure online payments available for convenience, hassle free financing, and security!

We are here for you

Contact us now to get more information or a demo presentation for your company of how this tool can help!